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About Us / 关于我们



Company profile

           Shanghai Y’s textile co., ltd. is a service-oriented enterprise specializes in the inspection, needle detection, finishing and warehousing logistics of clothing and fabrics. After 20 years of development, the company has currently more than 2,000 employees, including 100 professional and technical personnel. In order to make it easier for customers to enjoy better service, we have set up more than 10 subsidiaries in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Liaoning,Myanmar, and other major coastal cities. Besides, we also provide business inspection service on the basis of the needs of clients, which offers customers more convenient and much improved service.

          The company has always been strictly attached to the business philosophy of ‘honesty & sureness’, and pays special attention to the quality of products and the updating of equipments. Moreover, the various kinds of professional inspection devices (HASHIMA conveyor type needle detector, handy type needle detector, decontamination machine, textile inspection light, X-Ray inspection machine, etc.) ensure the company a big market share, which lays a solid foundation for better quality and higher demand.

           Persisting on the idea of ‘trust and contribution’, the business values and philosophy exerts a subtle influence on the employees, and thus moulds a highly cohesive and loyal team. Each year, the company introduces more than 50 staff, and conducts training for them periodically to develop their professionalism. Now, we have a large number of highly skilled technical personnel and exceptional sophisticated manager, which provides the company a solid basis to ascend the world stage.

          sixteen years of trials and hardships, we witness the growth of Y's. Based on the domestic market and expanding the overseas operations, Y’s is committing herself to be the biggest and the most professional inspection and needle detection enterprise in China, which is also the common goal of us all. For years, Y’s has been rewarded as a star enterprise keeping on contract and sticking to credit by authority. The recognition from clients brings the company not only huge economic and social benefits, but also good reputation in the clothing quality inspection industry. Integrity ensures excellent quality, and the excellent quality promises us a bright future.

         Today, we are striving hard with full confidence to create a brighter future. Inheriting the glories and dreams, guided by the spirit of “professionalism first, integrity based, efficiency foremost”, Y’s is dedicating her life to provide clients with the most safe, economic and professional service. Believe professionalism, believe our team! 


        P.s. With the rapid development of the e-business, China is now suffering a lot form bad quality merchandises. Being a leading company of textile inspection enterprises in China, we are expecting relevant e-commerce platforms attach importance to the quality inspection of commodities, and improve relevant laws and regulations. We would definitely working hard, together with e-commerce platforms, to establish a rigorous commodity quality inspection system, and make China’s e-commerce more stable, fast, and healthy.

Countries and regions:

Professional third-party inspection company, export inspection company. Inspection services: clothing, bags & luggage, shoes, garment accessories, daily necessities, professional needle detection, cloth inspection, packaging, sorting, logistics, warehousing, delivery. Professional & trustworthy quality, All in Y’s.