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Inspection process of bags
Date:2012/9/3    Browsing times:5414



1). Check the trademarks : check the color & Made in


China mark;


2). check the accessories


a. check the accessories’ glossiness, rusted or not.


b. open and close the invisible fastenings three times to make sure it is tight.


c. open and close the zip three times to make sure it works smoothly.


d. check if there are pointed articles.


e. check if there are split threads/skipped stitches/missing stitches at the joints.


f. stretch the hand straps & shoulder straps to make sure it is tight.


   3). Check the shape & appearance


         a. check if the hand grips are symmetrical.


        b. check the overall shape(distorted/asymmetrical or not)


4check the fabric (outside & inside)


  a. check if there are knitting flaws/scratches/broken holes/needle holes/neps/stains.


  b. check if there are color distortions of fabrics between and in the products.


5). stitching techniques inspection (outside & inside)


a. check if there are thread breakage/ skipped stitches/ missing stitches/ crooked top stitches/neps.


  b. make sure there are inward buttons.


  c. turn the bag head down, pat if there are foreign articles


6). Packaging: pack according to the clients’ requirement.


7). Needle detection: check if there are metal objects through the handy type needle detector.

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