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Japanese clothing manufacturer will be moved to China to reduce the cost of logistics processing
Date:2012/7/27    Browsing times:5878

The procurement of goods from China Japanese major apparel manufacturers began to be seized goods, hang tag and according to customer classification of logistics industry moved from Japan to China, thus making the logistics cost by two to 50%.

" Japanese economy news " report, Japanese garment industry in order to reduce the cost of dealing with increased competition, not only the production department, logistics department and began to speed up the transfer to china. For example, Castle Peak has opened in Hongkong in seventh logistics processing center.

Originally, the company shirts, socks and other lightweight apparel products seized goods, hang tag and according to customer classification and other logistics operations are carried out in Japan, from the beginning of 2004, these services have been transferred to china. The company plans in 2006 fiscal year will work a moved to China, and going to after 3 years to become, and with Japan's domestic logistics company signed a contract there will be a part of termination.

It is reported, in the company of light clothing product prices, logistics costs accounted for nearly 10%, through the above measure, estimation can be reduced to 5% - 6%. The cost savings will be used to improve the quality of goods, lower prices and improve service shops.

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