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Nike shoes and shoes from internal
Date:2012/7/27    Browsing times:6257

"Make a holiday " of the first person in Wang Hai's blog reported recently in Beijing City, Nike store to buy a pair of 1299 yuan of new Nike shoes, not only the price expensive than abroad nearly doubled, even in terms of quality there are different, China, international, a forefoot one less air cushion. In response, many consumers to ask, why the international brand " high price with low " phenomenon. Nike said, has an investigation on the matter.

Wang Hai claimed " the same shall not homogeneous "

Released in September 6th called " Nike subtraction with edition basketball shoes Huyou consumers in mainland China " blog, Wang Hai points out, Nike brand new in 2011 ZOOMHYPERDUNK basketball shoes in mainland China unified sales price for 1299 yuan, the same shoes in the United States for the price of $125, equivalent to 800 yuan.

In addition, Wang Hai also said, sales in the United States the same shoes have two ZOOM air cushion, while sales in China of the shoes is only one air cushion. But the Chinese consumer advertising, is still " the heel and forefoot ZOOMAIR feet give a soft, high response shock protection ".

According to Wang Hai of the commodity picture, this product only in the heel of the shoe has a cushion, a forefoot really don't see air cushion. Someone had the same shoes open, found the forefoot part did not air cushion.

Wang Hai Nike has been in China sales minus with basketball shoes and suspected of consumer fraud act to the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Xicheng District branch to report, and said to buy this shoe consumer can request return and double indemnity.

7, the reporter logged Nike Chinese official website, in which the money basketball shoe page, the reporter saw six presentations, but no one was to air cushion description. Wang Hai said, Nike morning update page, delete " heel and forefoot ZOOMAIR feet give a soft, high response shock protection " description.

The product line under the framework of

On the afternoon of 7 reporters came to the Nike Nanjing Road flagship store, to ask whether there is a ZOOMHYPERDUNK2011 shoes, the clerk said: " this morning the company received notice, this product has been the request frame. "

7 evening, the reporter contacts Nike China PR Sun Peng, Sun Peng responded: " Nike sports (China) Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to this event, has launched the investigation process. To complete the investigation process, will immediately communicate with consumers. "


Nike is suspected of false conduct propaganda

For the Nike " high low match " behavior, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade law school, Dr. Li Lei that, according to the law of consumer rights and interests protection, Nike this behavior is false propaganda, violated consumer's right to know and the right to choose, consumers have the right to demand compensation.

To this, the netizen says: " although do not buy, but still very angry. " Even the netizen speaks: " Just you it. "

A third textile and garment inspection company insiders said: " now many international brands are produced in China, but exports to Japan, Europe and the United States seized goods are to undergo a rigorous inspection, these countries on the fabric is very demanding, but domestic product requirements are relatively low. "

Countries and regions:

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