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Jiangsu entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the bureau
Date:2012/7/27    Browsing times:6564

The river line 166 kilometers, 203 kilometers of coastline, the Nantong has be richly endowed by nature area advantage; Jiangsu coastal development, the integration of Yangtze River Delta two strategic agglomeration effect, the Tang River Yuehai to bring about a new round of big strong momentum in the development of. However, open model economy vigorous development, import and export products increasingly broad, supervision object becomes more and more complex, the inspection and supervision put forward higher requirements. " To make the decision-making level, pay more attention to quality, to make social all circles pay more attention to quality. " The control of national quality inspection bureau chief Zhi Shuping's request, Nantong inspection and Quarantine Bureau on "how to further mobilize the whole society to catch quality", establish and perfect the involvement of various sectors, each link control, supervision of the whole society quality supervision mode undertook active exploration.

Government leading

Assume responsibility for quality starts city

" Demonstration zone is established, our enterprises to bring tangible benefits. Now the average price rose 4 cents each laver, sales growth of 20%. Now our laver breeding area of 3 more than 10000 mu, product gross achieves 360000000, accounted for the province's output of 20%, the actual profit occupies complete province laver industry profit 25% above. " In the renovated modern Haian laver Market, Jiangsu Laver Association President Li Haibo talks about laver demonstration zone is excited.

China Jiangsu Jiangsu laver laver, Haian. As a local pillar industries, Haian laver industry rapid development but also the existence of enterprises small scale, low market competitiveness. Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Nantong drive below, Haian county government promptly formulated " Haian county to export laver quality safety demonstration area construction plans to promote ", established Haian county to export laver quality safety demonstration area organization, bureau of prefectural farming herd (including fisheries), foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, the environmental protection agency and other departments to follow up, to construct cross sectional linkage platform, to promote the success of Haian county to export laver demonstration zone was built up, and become the country's first export laver demonstration area. Nowadays, demonstrative area with 1/6 of the province to breed dimensions, creating the 1/5 yield and 1/4 economic benefits, implementation of product quality, economic benefit and social benefit of the three promotion.

Self regulation strengthening enterprise quality base

Nantong day clothing Limited company within the plant, 702 blouse production is for export packaging. When we arrived, the company's quality supervisor Wu Li holding the garment process sheet, careful examination of its fabric, sewing quality, check process, specifications, trademarks, tag, washing mark and the outer packaging, confirmation, she was in the company's factory inspection sheet quality supervisors column signed their the name. Wu Li proudly said: " since serving as quality supervisor since, we in the factory of higher status, burden is heavier, the same is a signature, but it was more of a responsibility ".

Wu Li just east of Nantong more than 2000 quality supervisor in a representative. As the famous textile town, Nantong existing export of textile and clothing production more than 1100 enterprises, is Jiangsu's textile and garment production and the first big city. Since long, heavy inspection and supervision and inspection personnel of task of human severe shortage has always existed, but the number is numerous, technology superb quality supervisor team build, not only bear the exports 100% of the final inspection, but also in the enterprise quality system, the implementation of the system, the quality control in production process of played effective supervision to ensure the role, becoming a do not wear a uniform inspection and quarantine team.

The seized goods companies unite the widespread social force

" These wearing red overalls workers is for Japanese customers designated inspection companies stationed in the seized goods. Originally we shipped to test two times, once was appointed the seized goods inspection and test, the other again is detection method of inspection and quarantine departments test directory. Meet the tight time that a sharp. Now, after having qualified inspection company after passing inspection, inspection and quarantine department may reduce or exempt from inspection condition, it will greatly accelerate the speed of customs clearance, reducing the running cost. " Rugao Dili morning dress limited company quality supervisors Xiaoxu such as we introduce.

Third party inspection appraisal organization, Nantong's garment inspection company with garment industry swift and violent development appears in succession. Nantong inspection and Quarantine Bureau to strengthen the inspection mechanism and normative management, make its become the inspection and quarantine departments for added strength, as the inspection personnel have more time and energy to realize inspection supervision of transfer. At the same time, through the inspection agencies inspection data collection and analysis, inspection personnel can also be more targeted to the production enterprises supervision, improve work efficiency. It is reported, the seized goods company daily detectable rate of unqualified products from 10% to 30%, in the maintenance of the reputation and image of China manufacturing plays an active role.

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