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Quality inspection bureau announces the cancellation of 10 companies import and export inspection list of qualifications
Date:2012/7/27    Browsing times:6104

" On the cancellation of Beijing Chinese and foreign physical commodity inspection company 10 import and export commodity inspection and appraisal institutions certificate notice "

( the 2011 186th announcement )

According to the " law of the Peoples Republic of China ", " people's Republic of China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law and its implementing regulations ", " import and export commodity inspection and appraisal institutions management approach ", the State Quality Inspection Administration decided to cancel the following 10 import and export commodity inspection and appraisal institutions to qualification certificate.

In 1, Beijing foreign physical goods inspection company limited

In 2, Changzhou Ji Fu garment inspection Limited Dalian Branch

In 3, Swiss inspection Limited Lianyungang Branch

In 4, Swiss Inspection Company Limited Nanjing branch

5, Ince Shanghai Beck Commodity Inspection Company Limited Ningbo branch

In 6, Qingdao Sanyi appraisal consulting Limited

In 7, the Fujian Strait Inspection Certification Limited

In 8, CREE Hangzhou Textile Company Limited

9, NASS Merrill Lynch commodity inspection ( Shanghai) Company Limited

In 10, Xiamen Tongda Company Limited assessment

Notice is hereby given.

Countries and regions:

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