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Chengdu shoes years crop resides the whole nation the third
Date:2012/7/27    Browsing times:5559

Chinese female footwear " three minutes of the world have chengdu ". The author learns from concerned branch, China shoes are industrial park since 2002 in Chengdu City since the founding of Wuhou District, after 10 years of development, has become the Chengdu City and Sichuan Province light industry characteristic industry, become domestic and international high visibility of the shoe capital, a large number of shoe enterprises have achieved rapid development, has women's shoes production enterprises 1700 more than, practitioners from the initial 50000 development to the present about 400000 people, production value of billions of yuan from development to the present about 40000000000 yuan, emerged Aiminer, Kameiduo, Wu Chun and other well-known brands, to become well-known domestic and foreign industrial center.

At present, the annual output of 140000000 pairs of shoes in Chengdu, ranking third in the country, the products are mainly exported to Russia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. In 2012, 1 to April, our province 167 dimensions above leather and footwear production enterprises to achieve sales revenue 9538000000 yuan, implementation profit tax 782000000 yuan, achieve 1221000000 yuan worth of goods for export. It is reported, begin from June to 2013 in February, my province will carry out a series of activities, promote the shoe industry again casting is brilliant.

Countries and regions:

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