TrumpGuy performs at the GaysForTrump Inaugural DeploraBall in Washington, DC

Donald Trump impersonator, Dustin Gold, known as the TrumpGuy on InfoWars, Breitbart News, and Right Side Broadcasting Network, performed non-PC political comedy at the GaysForTrump Inaugural DeplorBall at the William F. Bolger Center right outside of Washington, DC. Bashing everyone from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama and Chris Christie to Marco Rubio, TrumpGuy performed to rave reviews.


"He knew his audience and pulled no punches. Close enough to be believable, yet far off enough to make Trump a hysterical caricature. Hilarious jokes that poked fun at all of us - including Trump - and dirty enough to prove that real comedy is coming back. If you have a sense of genuine humor and can laugh at yourself without getting offended, Dustin Gold's "TrumpGuy" is the stand up we've been waiting for. If Andy Kaufman, Richard Pryor, and George Carlin had a comedy love child, this would be it. Special snowflakes stay at home for this one: trigger warning! Everyone else will be glad they didn't miss him!

- Phillip Wiglesworth, Inaugural DeploraBall sponsored by Gays For Trump