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Dear Fans, Clients, and Friends:

I spent the last 9 years producing corporate entertainment, so my focus has not been reaching out to people on social media. I opened my Twitter account last year and have built a small loyal following for which I am truly grateful for. This year I am beginning to develop content for other platforms.

The scary part is that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even Google have been censoring free-thinking thought-leaders. They constantly move the goal posts, so it's literally impossible to keep up with all their ever-changing authoritarian "rules."

It's a scary thought, but I could wake tomorrow and lose contact with all of you -- my fans, my clients, and my friends. The best for us to stay connected - for now - is to sign up with your email. Unlike Mark Zuckerberg, I will not share or sell your data with the Deep State.

Dustin Gold (aka TrumpGuy)